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2019: Volume 8, Issue 2
Review Article:   RRJMHS
Are you being Treated Correctly for Hashimoto’s: Which may in Fact be Secondary to the Fact that an Autoimmune Disorder/Disease may be the Primary Cause of Your Problem.
Richard Carl Farmer*
Review Article:   RRJMHS
Synthetic Marijuana and Current Treatment: A Literature Review
Nimmy Thomas*
Case Report:   RRJMHS
Pediatric Case of Gastrointestinal Basidiobolomycosis Mimicking Appendicitis - Case Report
Maged Ezzat Salem*, Khalid Ali Eibani, Hatoon Mohammed AlKholi, Bashaer Ahmed Shafei, Rami Issam Arabi, Abdullah Ghazi Aljudaibi
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Assessment of Occupational Hazards and Safety Measures Among Health Care Workers in Jugol Hospital, Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia 2018
Gosasye Teklehaymanot Zewde*
Case Report:   RRJMHS
Combined Spinal-Epidural Anesthesia for an Elective Cesarean Section in a Marfan Patient with a History of Bentall Operation Who Developed an Acute Extensive Aortic Dissection: A Case Report
Mohammed Abdelsalam Menshawi*, Islam Mohammed Shehata, Bahaa El-din Hassan Ewees
Research Letter:   RRJMHS
Trauma Only Surfaces When The Individual/Mind Feels Safe
Mertha Mo Nyamande*
Short Communication:   RRJMHS
Quality Assurance of Dynamic Multileaf Collimator for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy & Rapid Arc Treatment Using Portal Imaging and Films
Muhammed Anees K*
Research Article:   RRJMHS
Assessment of Malaria Data Quality Practice and Its Potential Factors in Nedjo Woreda, West Wellega Zone, Oromia Regional State, West Ethiopia
Sarbessa Dereje, Adamu Birhanu*, Kassahun Alemu
Commentary:   RRJMHS
Is there a Connection with Alzheimer's, Fall, Hip Fractures and Anesthesia?
Esperanza Hansen Gonzalez*