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Current Issue

2020: Volume 4, Issue 1

Editorial: MCO

Disseminated intravascular diffuse large B-cell lymphoma presenting as fever of unknown origin, diagnosed on autopsy

 Karlo Pan Fidel

Editorial: MCO

Chemoport insertion without image guidance via Rt IJV: A single center experience on peri-procedural complications

 Hemish H Kania

Editor Note: MCO

Expression of stem cell markers CD133 and OCT4 in rectosigmoid adenocarcinoma and their predictive significance of response to chemotherapy and\or radiotherapy

 J Carcinog Mutagen

Editorial: MCO

Liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma regulated by ERK signaling pathway

 Chiung-Fang Chang

Editorial: MCO

Multi-peptide immunotherapy in combination with immunogenic chemotherapy in refractory cancer patients

 Juan Pablo Marquez

2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Hypothesis: Res Rev Med & Clin Oncol

Evidence-Based Strategy for Cancer Prevention: Advocating for the Adoption of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) Herbal Gardens in Zimbabwe

Noah Herbert Paul, Emma Rutendo Makozho, Ketiwe Choto, Gibson Mandikuwaza, Pricilla Chigumbu, Courtney Gwinyayi Mutambanengwe and Edson Sibanda

Review Article: Res Rev Med & Clin Oncol

Liquid Biopsy: Golden Era of Personalized Medicine in Oncology

Gowhar Shafi, Sandhya Iyer, Shruti Desai, Madhura Basavalingegowda, Shubham Kavishwar,Rambaksh Prajapati, Chandrani Achari and Prajakta Kadam

Research Article: Res Rev Med & Clin Oncol

Comparison and Prognostic Analysis of Elective Nodal Irradiation Using Definitive Radiotherapy versus Chemoradiotherapy for Treatment of Esophageal Cancer

Keita M, Zhang Xueyuan, Deng Wenzhao, Li Juan, Su Jingwei, Shen Wenbin, Traoré B and Zhu Shuchai

Letter to Editor: Res Rev Med & Clin Oncol

Living Longer and Living Better

Paulo Luz, Beatriz Gosalbez