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Aims and Scope

The strategy of this journal is to serve the associated scientific community and the concerned readers with latest scientific knowledge and helps in further improvement and understanding of the subject.

The journal focuses on keeping physicians and healthcare professionals informed by providing scientific and educational information in the form of comprehensive review articles and online platform continuing education and research on important cancer issues that are prominent to cancer care, along with publishing the latest cancer guidelines holistically and statistical articles.

Clinical oncology Research publishes innovative clinical and translational cancer research studies that bridge the gap between the laboratory and the clinic. The Journal especially focusses in clinical trials evaluating new treatments, followed by research on pharmacology, and molecular alterations or biomarkers that predict response or resistance to treatment. The Journal also prioritizes studies of new drugs and molecule-targeted agents with the potential to lead to clinical trials, and studies of targetable mechanisms of oncogenesis, progression of the malignant phenotype, and metastatic disease. Research and Reviews: Medical and Clinical Oncology is a journal for clinical oncologists which publishes high quality articles on medical oncology, clinical trials, radiology, surgery, basic research, epidemiology, and palliative care. It contributes to international scientific knowledge on cancer treatment.

We feel honoured to associate with and invite Scientists and Researchers to submit their original research work for publication in Research and Reviews: Medical and Clinical Oncology. This journal considers articles in the form of a research article, review article, short communication, opinion, Image, Case Reports and commentary.