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Barbara Bessette

Barbara Bessette

Barbara Bessette
Assistant Professor
Dept of Physiology
University of Limoges



I received my Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience and oncology from the University of Limoges, France in 2006. I worked for 1 year in Paris on pediatric brain tumors and the characterization of cancer stem cells in these tumors. I followed my post-doctoral experience by collaborating and working for 3 years on GLIADYS project with IDD-Biotech (International Drug Development Biotech), specialized in monoclonal antibodies production in Lyon, France. The project consisted to develop new therapeutics for gliomas. During this project, I develop partner relationship with Oncomedics (society specialized in Individualized tumor response tests). I’m currently a full-time assistant-professor at the University of Limoges in the Department of Physiology and I’m leading research into the homeostasis cellular and pathologies team. My current research activity is focused on cancer stem cells in glioblastoma and the role of neuropeptides in their therapeutic resistance capacity.


Research Interest

Cancer stem cells