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Derakhshan Barjoei Pouya



PhD: Field: Telecommunication systems; University: Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran-Iran; Start date: August 2006; Graduated date: 2011.

 MSc: Field: Communication systems; GPA: 17.87 out of 20; University: Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad Branch, Isfahan-Iran; Graduate date: September 2004.

 BSc: Field: Electrical Engineering (Power); GPA: 17.32 out of 20; University: Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch, Yazd-Iran; Graduate date: September 2002.

Diploma: Mathematic & Physic; GPA: 17.90 out of 20; High School: Nemooneh Markar ,Yazd-Iran.


Research Interest

Cognitive Radio Networks, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Particle Swarm optimization, Broad band Mobile Communication, Resource allocation in Wireless Networks.