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Current Issue

2018: Volume 7, Issue 3

Research Article: IJAREEIE

Control of Direct Current Electrical Machine: Stabilisation of Current and Speed by the Change of Voltage in the Armature for Direct Current in Excitation Winding

Biya Motto Frédéric K, Tchuidjan Roger, Ndzana Benoit,

Research Article: IJAREEIE

Hexagonal DRA with Complementary E-Shaped DGS For Mutual Coupling Reduction

D. Himaja, N. Ramadevi, B. Jyothirmai, K. Naga priyanka

Research Article: IJAREEIE

Dual Band Stacked rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Elliptical Slot DGS for 5G Application

K Jhansi, K Naga Sravani, NL Priyanka, Alekhya Jadda

Research Article: IJAREEIE

Intra-Body Communication for Securable Data Transfer and Device Authentication

Theivanathan G, Sriram R, Karunamoorthy V, Rithik MT