N Yoganarasimha, Raghavendra TR, Radha MK, Amitha S, Sridhar K


Effective analgesia peri operatively is very much essential for managing any type of surgical cases. Opioid was commonly employed for managing these cases.  Due to its known side effects, an alternative drug was selected and studied. Hence, we compare the quality and side effects of NSAIDs- paracetamol versus diclofenac infusion for peri operative analgesia. Sixty ASA I & II patients undergoing lower abdominal surgery was randomly selected and divided into two groups. Both groups were assessed and general anaesthesia was given. At the time of rectus abdominis muscle closure, Group P received paracetamol infusion and Group D received diclofenac infusion. Post operatively all patients were monitored, pain was assessed with VAS score and side effects were also noted. VAS score > 7 received rescue analgesics and results were tabulated. Most of the patients in paracetamol group had VAS score <7 for more than 5 hours after the surgery. The time to first request for rescue analgesia after injection of study drug was approximately 3 times as long with paracetamol compared to diclofenac, with no serious complications noticed. This indicates that i.v paracetamol infusion has better analgesia than i.v diclofenac infusion for acute post operative pain.

Keywords: Analgesia, VAS (visual analogue scale), NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug), ASA, COX(cyclo-oxygenase).



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