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A Short commentary on Gas Chromatography and its applications

P. Udaya Lakshmi*

Montessori shiva shivani college of Pharmacy, Guntur.

*Corresponding Author:
P. Udaya Lakshmi,
Montessori shiva shivani college of Pharmacy,
Tel: 8125171946;
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: 04 May 2015 Accepted: 27 May 2015 Published: 02 June 2015

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Gas chromatography, vapouriser, FID, TCD

GC Analysis

A gas chromatograph could be a analysis instrument for separating chemicals in an exceedingly complicated sample. A gas chromatograph uses a flow-through slender tube called the column, through that totally different chemical constituents of a sample pass in an exceedingly gas stream (carrier gas, mobile phase) at totally different rates counting on their varied chemical and physical properties and their interaction with a selected column filling, referred to as the stationary part. Because the chemicals exit the top of the column, they're detected and known electronically. The operate of the stationary innovate the column is to separate totally different elements, inflicting each to exit the column at a unique time (retention time). different parameters which will be accustomed alter the order or time of retention square measure the carrier gas rate of flow, column length and also the temperature.

Instrumental Components

Carrier gas

The carrier gas should be with chemicals inert. Ordinarily used gases embody atomic number 7, helium, argon, and CO2. the selection of carrier gas is usually dependent upon the kind of detector that is employed. The carrier facility additionally contains a molecular sieve to get rid of water and alternative impurities.

Sample injection port

For optimum column potency, the sample mustn't be large, and may be introduced onto the column as a "plug" of vapor - slow injection of enormous samples causes band broadening and loss of resolution. the foremost common injection methodology is wherever a micro syringe is employed to inject sample through a rubber septum into a flash vaporizer port at the top of the column. The temperature of the sample port is sometimes concerning 50°C beyond the boiling purpose of the smallest amount volatile element of the sample [1-5]. For packed columns, sample size ranges from tenths of a microliter up to twenty microliters. Capillary columns, on the opposite hand, would like abundant less sample, usually around 10-3 capillary GHz, split/split less injection is employed.


There are a unit 2 general styles of column, packed and capillary [6] (also referred to as open tubular). Packed columns contain a finely divided, inert, solid support material (commonly supported diatomaceous earth) coated with liquid stationary part [7]. Most packed columns area unit one.5 - 10m long and have an interior diameter of two - 4mm.

Column temperature

For precise work, column temperature should be controlled to at intervals tenths of a degree. The optimum column temperature is dependent upon the boiling purpose of the sample. As a rule of thumb [8], a temperature slightly on top of the typical boiling purpose of the sample ends up in associate extraction time of two - half-hour. Least temperatures offer sensible resolution, however increase extraction times [9]. If a sample incorporates a wide boiling vary, then temperature programming is helpful. The column temperature is inflated (either unendingly or in steps) as separation payoff.


There are several detectors which may be employed in gas activity. Totally different detectors can offer differing kinds of property. The response of a mass flow dependent detector is unaffected by make-up gas. Have a glance at this tabular outline of common rate detectors [10-16]:


The effluent from the column is mixed with gas and air, and lit. Organic compounds burning within the flame manufacture ions and electrons which might conduct electricity through the flame [17]. An outsized electrical potential is applied at the burner tip, and a collector conductor is found higher than the flame [18]. The present ensuing from the transformation of any organic compounds is measured [19]. FIDs area unit mass sensitive instead of concentration sensitive; this offers the advantage that changes in mobile part rate of flow don't have an effect on the detector's response.

Applications [20-25]:

Identification of the oil elements by GC/MS

Skin samples analysis

Environmental monitoring

Food, beverage, flavor and fragrance analysis

Forensic and criminal cases

Biological and pesticides detections

Security and chemical warfare agent detection

Astro chemistry and Geo chemical Research

RNA isolation