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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis : Citations & Metrics Report

image Ibrahim f, et al. new validated fluorescence quenching based procedure for the determination of cilostazol and clopidogrel in bulk, tablets and biological fluids, with application of stern-volmer equation. british journal of pharmaceutical research. 2016;12.
image Elkady ef, et al. a comparative study of hplc-uv and uplc-dad methods for simultaneous estimation of aspirin and cilostazol in the presence of their related impurities in bulk and capsules. journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies. 2017;18.
image Stan m, et al. removal of antibiotics from aqueous solutions by green synthesized magnetite nanoparticles with selected agro-waste extracts. process safety and environmental protection. 2017;107:357-72.
image Patel a, et al. ftir spectroscopic method for quantitative analysis of cilnidipine in tablet dosage form. ijpsr. 2015;6:1033-1039.
image Dedhiya pp,et al. development and validation of hptlc method for simultaneous estimation of olmesartan medoxomil and cilnidipine in their combined pharmaceutical dosage forms. jpas.2015;2:21.
image Safhi mm. spectrophotometric estimation of cilnidipine in tablets. bjpr.2015;7:451-456.
image Salauddin a.ent a ytica on o prol.ijpsr.2015;6:1067-1074
image Rats si. cardioprotective activity of ethanolic extract of citrus grandis (l.) osbeck peel on doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide induced cardiotoxicity inalbino rats.ijpsdr.2015;7:354-360
image Buchiya fv, jain v, hasumati r, a review: analytical methods for determination of cilnidipine in biological fluid and pharmaceutical dosage forms. pharmatutor. 2014;2:22-29.
image Ahmad j, et al. solid-nanoemulsion preconcentrate for oral delivery of paclitaxel: formulation design, biodistribution, and γ scintigraphy imaging. biomed 2014;12.
image Junior fh, et al. hplc method for the dosage of paclitaxel in copaiba oil: development, validation, application to the determination of the solubility and partition coefficients. chromatographia.2016;79:405-412.
image Du y, et al. preparation of graphene-copper nanocomposite for constructing electrochemical sensor for paclitaxel anti-cancer drug detection in taxus chinensis. int. j. electrochem. sci. 2017;12:2563-2572.
image Srinivasa ms, chandan rs, koganti vs, validated rp-uflc method development of paclitaxel in pure and pharmaceutical dosage form. pharm methods. 2017;8:155-159.
image Oba a, osowole aa, malumi eo, et al. research & reviews: journal of chemistry. synthesis 2:2.
image Osowole aa,et al. synthesis, spectral, thermal, antibacterial and molecular docking studies of some metal (ii) complexes of 2-(1, 3-benzothiazol-2-ylamino) naphthalene-1, 4-dione. research on chemical intermediates.1-21.
image Osowole aa, agbaje ob, wakil ss. synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some mixed metal (ii) complexes of paracetamol and benzoic acid.
image Osowole aa and adewusi oa syntheses, characterization, magnetic and antibacterial properties of some metal (ii) complexes of 1-(1h-indol-5-ylimino) methyl) naphthalen-2-ol. cpj. 2015;7:211-217.
image Ekennia ac,et al. coordination behaviours of new (bidentate n, o-chelating) schiff bases towards copper (ii) and nickel (ii) metal ions: synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and dft studies. res chem intermediates. 2017;1-25.
image Osowole aa and adewusi oa. synthesis, spectroscopic, and in-vitro antibacterial properties of some metal (ii) complexes of 2-[{1h-indol-5-ylimino} methyl]-6-methoxyphenol. cpj.2015;25:212-221.
image Venkatesan s and kannappan n. simultaneous spectrophotometric method for determination of emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in three-component tablet formulation containing rilpivirine hydrochloride. isrn. 2014;8.
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