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Remarks on-multifunctions via filters

M. Lellis Thivagar , M.Anbuchelvi
  1. Professor and Head, School of Mathematics, Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai,Tamil Nadu,India
  2. Associate Professor in Mathematics,V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women,Virudhunagar,Tamilnadu,India
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Aim of this paper is to obtain a new class of separation known as ˆ -compact Spaces. Their properties are investigated in terms of nets, filterbase and ˆ -complete accumulation point. Also I -lower (resp.upper) ˆ -continuous and ˆ -multifunctions have been introduced to study ˆ -compact spaces.


Ωˆ -closed sets., Ωˆ -complete accumulation point., Ωˆ -compactness., Ωˆ -multifunctions. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification : 57C05, 57D05.


Compactness is one of the most useful and fundamental notions of not only general topology but also for other advanced branches of Mathematics. Lellis Thivagar [5] recently introduce the class of Ωˆ -closed sets which form a topology and properly lies between the class of δ -closed sets and that of ω -closed sets. The aim of this paper is to investigate some characterizations of Ωˆ -compact Spaces in terms of nets and filterbase. By introducing the notion of Ωˆ -complete accumulation points, we investigate some characterizations of Ωˆ -compact Spaces. This paper is to introduce concepts such as I -lower (resp.upper) Ωˆ -continuous and Ωˆ -multifunctions by which Ωˆ -compactness is studied. Also some characterizations of Ωˆ -multifunctions is obtained.






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