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Remote access to PC using Android phone

Shubham Bidya1, Nikhil Sonawane1, Nandkishor Shegokar1, Prashank Bhosale1, Prof. Anisaara Nadaph2
  1. B.E Student, Dept. of Computer Engineering, KJEI’s Trinity College of Engineering, Pune, India
  2. Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering, KJEI’s Trinity College of Engineering, Pune, India
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By using an application of Android mobile user can access his own or any other PC. It is a JAVA application for PC and Android application for mobile. With the help of this both applications different operations are performed by the Android user, operations are, remotely transferring files from PC to mobile and from mobile to PC,mailing the file, accessing whole screen of PC.The IT Administrators also remotely access the database of their PC such as, operations like remotely accessing their own files from their PC.When the Android user enter IP address of his PC he will receive one time password from his PC. The Android user will receive different one time password at each time when he will enter IP address of his own pc.Hence security will increase. Overall process is depending Point to Point network for providing better security.


Android, IP-address, desktop, Remote desktop, Smartphone, OTP, FTP, GSM


Mobile phones and computers have become part of our life. Much more can be accomplished by mobile phones. Proposing a technology that is very useful for people for their crucial work to be accomplished in time. The mobile phones accessing PC and sending files can be achieved. Proposed system also minimizes the chances of errors because separate options are provided for different tasks. Internet connection is required for mobile and computer as well. Clear display of computer screen can be achieved using the proposed technology. So this is very useful for people and can serve at crucial times. Fast internet connection can give much satisfying results. We can use mouse emulation and keyboard emulation as well to perform the required operations on computer. Various operations such as creating a notepad file on computer and writing some important notes from mobile phones are also provided. Similarly advanced features such drag and drop from mobile phone is also provided. Some employee sitting at another desk for some time and discussing with his colleagues can note down the data and send it to his computer from his mobile phone. Computer screen can be seen on mobile phone and so various operations such as single click, double click, mouse press and mouse release can be performed. Custom shortcut keys are also provided so that people have facility to make their own shortcut keys. So people from different sectors can make the use of the proposed system as per their requirement.


In [1] there is an Android application to control the Remote Desktopswhich has communication of remote desktop using IP address and ports.
In [2] machine under control is server application andclient for a supervision device because of its functionality.
In [3] an IR remote control is used for sending of pulses of infrared light. These represent specific binary codes.
In [4] VNC protocol is based on remote frame buffer. The protocol is designed to make the client as simple as possible.
Necessary transactions are performed by the server.
In [5] the system has to connect the voice call between the mobile phone and remote control system tocontrol PC application. It has hardware to convert the DTMF tone transmitted from the CDMA external modem.


Firstly user enters IP address of PC,then he will receive one time password, each time different passwords will get generated and received to client. Afterwards connection get established through internet.

One time password

It increases security as each time different password is generated.
Also each time when user does login he will receive different one time passwords.
This is the menu of the proposed system which has different options, such as,
• Key board shortcuts.
• Enable mouse.
• Fetch image.
• Type on the fly.
• Disable mouse.

Specific commands

Proposed system has specific commands for specific operations to minimize errors, such as,
• Open application.
• Click.
• Double click.
• Right click.
• Mouse press mouse release.
• File transfer.
• Email.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

User can create custom shortcuts and remove them as well.
When these shortcuts are created this is used for different file operations, such as copy, paste, etc.
He also does different command operations, such as,
• Remove command.
• Propagate command.
• Add command.

Sending E-mail

The system allows user to send e-mails as well.

Screen Capture

It allows the screen of computer to be displayed on Android mobile phone.
User will access his own computer screen.


Specific commands are useful in minimizing errors. Drag and drop functions are also possible in the proposed system. One time password gives additional security to the system. Custom keyboard Shortcut keys are also very useful for the user.

Technical Specification



User enters IP address of his PC on his mobile phone. Every time a new password is sent by the PC to the user.
Hence security is increased. There is communication between Android phone and PC. By using IP address of PC user communicate with the desktop. Custom shortcut keys can be created by the user. User can view the screen of PC on the Android mobile phone. User can send files from mobile to his PC and use drag and drop function of mouse.


This technology is useful for people across various industries. Requirements of people will be met efficiently.
Future work is to get user experience and let user make more custom changes for specific needs.The technology is useful for software engineer as well as other industries. In efficient way specific needs of various industry people and others will meet and will serve the requirements.

Figures at a glance

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2