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International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering : Citations & Metrics Report
image Kothyari p, dwivedi s, mandoria hl. (2016)content-based image retrieval using statistical feature and shape extraction. iup journal of information technology.1;12(3):62
image Geethu gs, kamatchi t.(2016) recognition of facial expressions in image sequence using multi-class svm.
image Savakar dg, hosur r. (2016) social network security and file assure deletion on cloud.
image Kathar pn, bhuyar dl.(2016) design and implementation of driver drowsiness and alcohol intoxication detection using raspberry pi.
image Basu s.(2016) a study on selection of data center locations.
image Manjunath km,(2016) muralidhara kn, chigateri mk, manjuvani km. an exhaustive research survey on vedic alu design.
image Jadhav p, patil sv.(2016) fused index code based multibiometric pattern retrieval security system.
image Neha mk.(2016) enhanced security using hybrid encryption algorithm.
image Das s, nath a, samanta a, roy a, bhattacharyya s.(2016) a secure approach for data hiding using visual cryptography.
image Patil dr, lomte vm.(2016)keyed intrusion detection system for key-recovery attacks.
image mosaad em, eltohamy f, safwat m, helmy ak. (2016) an enhanced framework for change detection in very high resolution remote sensing images.
image lakshmidurga d. (2016) impact of energy storage on hybrid ac-dc micro-grid during pulse load.
image elamathi n, nusrath r, jayanthi s. (2016) an energy aware fault tolerance scheme with delay reduction in wsn for structural health monitoring.
image patil sp.(2016) techniques and methods for detection and tracking of moving object in a video.
image awad oa, ali h.(2016) a multi-resolution wavelet pid controller for internet aqm routers.
image kholy ee, ahmed h. (2016)operations on digraphs and digraph folding.
image Alwzwazy ha, albehadili hm, alwan ys, islam ne.(2016) handwritten digit recognition using convolutional neural networks.
image nandhini r, sm rb.(2016) rate control framework for sift/surf feature preservation in h. 264/avc video compression.
image el abbadi nk, albaka nr, hakim g.(2015) improve de-noising based on singular value decomposition.
image shwetha ks, surendra p.(2015) data transfer between independent systems using visible light communication. small. 2015 nov;3(11).
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