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Some Unique Common Fixed Point Theorems In Parametric S-Metric Spaces

K.P.R.Rao1 , D.Vasu Babu2 , E.Taraka Ramudu3
  1. Professor , Department of Mathematics, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar-522510, A.P.,India
  2. Research Scholar, Department of Applied Mathematics, Krishna University - Dr.M.R.Appa Row Campus, Nuzvid-521 201,Krishna Dt.,A.P.,India
  3. Asssistant professor, Department of Science and Humanities, Nova College of Engineering and Technology, Jupudi, Krishna Dt., A.P.,India
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In this paper, we introduced parametric s-metric space and proved two unique common fixed point theorems in it. Our result generalizes and improves two main results of Ionescu,Rezapour and Samei [4].


Parametric s-metric space, compatible maps, Weakly compatible maps.
2000 Mathematics Subject Classifications : 47H10, 54H25.


The concept of fuzzy sets was intiated by Zadeh [10] in 1965 . The fuzzy metric space was introduced by Kramosil and Michalek [8]. Also, Grabeic[11] proved the contraction principle in the setting of fuzzymetric space. Also, George and Veeramani [1] modified the notion of fuzzy metric space with the help of continuous t-norm, by generalizing the concept of probablistic metric space to fuzzy situation. Later several authors, for example Vasuki [13],Pant[15] , Mishra et al.[14] ,Bari et al.[3], Vetro et al. [5] etc. proved fixed and common fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces. We now state the following
Then (M, N) is called an intuitionistic fuzzy metric on X . The functions M(x, y,t) and N(x, y,t) denote the degree of nearness and the degree of non-earness between x and y with respect to t , respectively.
Definition 1.6[4]: Let (X,M,N,*,) be an intuitionstic fuzzy metric space. The fuzzy metric (M, N) is called triangular whenever,


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