A Brief Study on the Facts And Figures of Body Temperature | Abstract

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A Brief Study on the Facts And Figures of Body Temperature


Heat is a form of energy and is required for the functions of different organs of the body. Every food stuff contain heat in the form of carbohydrates and glucose. The heat is released during the digestion of food stuffs (calorific value of food) taken by human beings and animals. Even when we are sleeping heart and lungs are functioning using the help of heat delivered by the food stuff. Heat is the cause and the temperature is the effect. Temperature can be measured with thermometer. Heat cannot be measured directly and is sensed by touching. For the survival human beings and animals, the maintenance of the temperature is a must. Excess of body temperature causes fever(caused by virus)and deficiency of body temperature causes fits(body shivering). There is a mechanism called hypothalamus in brain which regulates the temperature properly. In this paper we have discussed briefly how the body temperature is regulated by different mechanism, variation of body temperature due to different factors and the reactions taking place in our body due to sudden change in temperature.

S.Sudha, Dr. A.Mukunthan

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