A Comparative Study on Various Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Environment | Abstract

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A Comparative Study on Various Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Environment


Cloud computing is an emerging technology and it allows users to pay as you need and has the high performance. Cloud computing is a heterogeneous system as well and it holds large amount of application data. In the process of scheduling some intensive data or computing an intensive application, it is acknowledged that optimizing the transferring and processing time is crucial to an application program. Due to novelty of cloud computing field, there is no many standard task scheduling algorithm used in cloud environment. Especially that in cloud, there is a high communication cost that prevents well known task schedulers to be applied in large scale distributed environment. Today, researchers attempt to build job scheduling algorithms that are compatible and applicable in Cloud Computing environment Job scheduling is most important task in cloud computing environment because user have to pay for resources used based upon time. Hence efficient utilization of resources must be important and for that scheduling plays a vital role to get maximum benefit from the resources. In this paper we have surveyed different types of scheduling algorithms and tabulated their various parameters, scheduling factors and so on. Existing workflow scheduling algorithms does not consider reliability and availability. In this paper presents a novel heuristic scheduling algorithm, called hyper-heuristic scheduling algorithm (HHSA), to find better scheduling solutions for cloud computing systems. The results show that HHSA can significantly reduce the makespan of task scheduling compared with the other scheduling algorithms.

P Kowsik, K.Rajakumari

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