A Critical Review on Risk of Cloud Computing in Commercial | Abstract

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A Critical Review on Risk of Cloud Computing in Commercial


This paper explores Cloud computing is a powerful innovative technology that is broadly used in the business world. The cloud computing is a systems architecture model for Internet-based computing. This paper presents a study about the risk issues involved in cloud computing. It highlights the different types of risks and how their existence can affect the cloud users. It also discusses the different circumstances in which the risks occur while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. The security risks associated with each cloud delivery model vary and are dependent on a wide range of factors including the sensitivity of information assets, cloud architectures and security controls involved in a particular cloud environment. The risks will vary depending on the sensitivity of the data to be stored or processed, and how the chosen cloud vendor also referred to as a cloud service provider has implemented their specific cloud services. The level of risk availability of data and business functionality, protecting data from unauthorized access and handling security incidents.

Bharatratna P. Gaikwad

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