A Discussion on Explosive Detection | Abstract

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A Discussion on Explosive Detection


Prevention of terrorist attacks in any country is of utmost importance. To prevent it, Section 2 investigates the basics of cognitive radio, operational area of an SDR dealing with its transceiver. A proposed solution for mobile SDR based on RICA processing elements has been described with RICA architecture, its high level design flow. In next section, we describe the functioning principle of cantilevers used for explosive trace detection. A system architecture has been developed for this purpose consisting of sensor array and neural network. In next section, we take a brief overlook over mobile SDR terminals, its receiver front-end. The software communication architecture along with its hardware describes how waveforms are implemented onto hardware devices using a technology of cognitive radio. We take into consideration the implementation of gas recognition system as an example for explosive detection. The objective of this paper is to provide a brief outline about combination of different important devices involved in explosives detection based on recent advances in mobile communication.

S. A. Desai, P. H. Zope, S. R. Suralkar

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