A Literature Review on Different models for Human and Vehicle Tracking | Abstract

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A Literature Review on Different models for Human and Vehicle Tracking


The term Object Tracking can be introduced as a process of determining the location of moving object in consecutive video frames. Tracking an object in motion is quite challenging task. Tracking implies as a method for tracking multiple objects whose number is unknown and varies during tracking. Increasing criminal incidences as well as traffic congestion, speed violation, illegal driver behaviours and reckless driving can be sorted out with help of tracking. The first step is of developing Object Detection Model. Tracking can be carried out efficiently and effectively by separating the object of interest from other objects and background. The second step is to find a particular region in the image known as area of interest which has highest similarity with the model. The source for object tracking may either be from consecutive frame sequence inputted live or from previously stored videos. After the Co-ordinate values are determined, the object of interest is tracked by camera. The co-ordinate information is fed forward to a camera set up which automates the tracking process. The camera set up moves accordingly so as to keep the object of interest in view. The camera set up is simply a hardware system with stepper motors. Thus it is a continuous monitoring and tracking system. Here the objects of interest to be tracked are namely Human and Vehicle.

Prof. A.P. Bodkhe, Prof. S.A. Nirmal, Snehal A. Thakre

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