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Case Report Open Access

A Rare Case Study on Acute Rhabdomyolysis


Objective: We report an unusual case of acute rhabdomyolysis, occurred as a consequence of strong physical exertion followed by assumption of duloxetine and cocaine, in a patient on antidepressant treatment with SSRI. Case description: A young male patient presented to the emergency department with a clinical picture ascribable to acute rhabdomyolysis (RML). He reported intense physical workout and ongoing antidepressant treatment but was reticent to disclose the assumption of cocaine and of other psychoactive substances for voluptuary purposes. A toxicological screening was performed and the occurrence of acute RML due to the concomitance of strong physical exertion and assumption of serotoninergic substances was confirmed. Results: The appropriate treatment for RML was timely started and the patient was discharged from the hospital nine days after admission in good clinical conditions Conclusion: The introduction of a toxicological screening as a routine procedure for patients presenting at emergency departments with a clinical picture attributable to rhabdomyolysis could be recommended, in order to timely intervene with the adequate actions thus reducing the risk of life-threatening complications.

Zibella F, Capria F, Migliore T, Castaldo R, Ariello M, Ferrazza P* and Del Gaudio S

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