A Review of Bike Security System Using Fingerprint GSM&GPS | Abstract

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A Review of Bike Security System Using Fingerprint GSM&GPS


In modern days a vehicle anti-theft system is of prime importance. Currently public having an own vehicle, theft is finding on parking and sometimes during insecurity places. The safe of vehicle is extremely essential for public vehicles. The first layer of protection in the system is a Fingerprint recognition, based on which the locks are opened. The Fingerprint matching is done by utilizing the minutiae based Fingerprint recognition scheme. The vehicle is became on only with the bike key. One turned on the user should keep them finger to the fingerprint sensor. If the finger ridges match, Solenoid value is opened for fuel supply and also a message is sending to the user by using GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication]. If finger matches failed, it will result in vehicle getting immobilized and an alert message is sent to the mobile number of the owner. The seized vehicle can be tracked using a GSM which is also being attached. If the vehicle (or) bike is stolen by some person. The place of vehicle is identified by GPS tracker, when the theft identified. The responsible person send SMS to the ARM, then ARM issue the control signals to stop the engine motor. Authorized person want to send the password to controller to restart the vehicle and open the solenoid valve and Keil μ-vision software is used for program coding. This is more secured, reliable and low cost. The experimental results proved the functionality of the anti-theft system in working environment.

K.Dineshkumar, G. Nirmal, S.Prakash, S.Raguvaran

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