A Review:Image Fusion Techniques for Multisenso r Images | Abstract

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A Review:Image Fusion Techniques for Multisenso r Images


Image fusion has found many applications in computer vision, remote sensing, intelligent robots and military purposes. The use of different image fusion algorithms gives precise resultant images.In many remote sensing applications, the quantity of image data from the satellite sensors has been increasing because of advanced sensor technology.To avoid the limitations of single sensor images, multisensory image fusion provides the data that is suitable for further applications by eliminating the problem of lack of information. In this paper, a literature review has been made based on different techniques for combining multispectral images available. It includes IHS transform, High Pass filtering, PCA analysis, ANN, Wavelet transform and DCT. One of the effective techniques to get a good quality image is by using the Fuzzylet Fusion Algorithm in which the advantages of both Stationary Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy logic are combined.

S.A.Panwar, SayaliMalwadkar

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