A Study On Cloud Computing Data Mining | Abstract

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A Study On Cloud Computing Data Mining


Cloud Computing has become a main source for the data processing, storage and distribution. The storage of the data is simple and free to use. In data mining the data which is used as data security in a parallel computing platform. The some of the key features are used for the distribution of the data in certain things for the user understandable language. As we implemented the cloud storage in different servers for the security reasons data mining concept is used for the efficiency of the each part of the data is in a secure state. According to this concept we use data effectiveness from some so the supports of the AnazonEC2 map reduce platform. This paper is an approach for the experimental result and documented for the cloud computing data mining.

Mr.A.Srinivas, M. Kalyan Srinivas, A.V.R.K.Harsha Vardhan Varma

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