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A Survey of an Attribute Based Encryption and Access Control Schemes in Cloud Environment


For big industries and academia as well, cloud is becoming an essential tool for data repository maintenance. Cloud computing is a set of different types of hardware and software activities that work collectively to deliver many aspects of computing to the end user as an online services. It provides on demand scalable and cost effective services for storing documents. However with all of these services it comes up with number of challenges associated with utilizing the cloud securely. Achieving unbreakable document or outsourced data security is again a very important issue to consider. To provide security to the outsourced documents, Attribute based encryption is an excellent solution. This paper focuses on different attribute based encryption encryption scheme and its related access control schemes available for handling data under various scenarios of the cloud storage environment and introduces modified ABE with time varying encryption algorithm for document encryption which is based on the research of Time Varying Camellia Encryption Algorithm, and finally conclude with the proposed work to be used for implementation of TVES.

Akshata Yevatkar*, S.Y.Amdani

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