A Survey on Data Mining Techniques in Agriculture | Abstract

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A Survey on Data Mining Techniques in Agriculture


Agriculture is the most significant application area particularly in the developing countries like India. Use of information technology in agriculture can change the situation of decision making and farmers can yield in a better way. Data mining plays a crucial role for decision making on several issues related to agriculture field. This paper discussed about the role of data mining in perspective of agriculture field and also confers about several data mining techniques and their related work by several authors in context to agriculture domain. It also discusses on different data mining applications in solving the different agricultural problems. It integrates the work of various authors in one place so it is useful for researchers to get information of current scenario of data mining techniques and applications in context to agriculture field. This paper provides a survey of various data mining techniques used in agriculture which includes Artificial Neural Networks, K - nearest neighbor, Decision tree, Bayesion network, Fuzzy set, Support Vector Machine and K – means[1].


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