A Survey on Information Extraction in Web Searches Using Web Services | Abstract

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A Survey on Information Extraction in Web Searches Using Web Services


Now- a- day efficient searching is having the primary concern in every transaction. Most of the search engine will work only on server side i.e. if we want to search a particular keyword, then the web crawler will search only at the server side & returns the result .So for every time we have to search in the server thereby increasing the processing time. Many existing crawler will search the data from server but doesn’t returns any source at client side. Existing search engine takes more time to answer the query because the total no. of transaction is more. For example if an user wants to search a song of particular singer the current web crawler systems will give the proper result but if the user wants the singer of some specific song , then the Web service cannot be called, even though the underlying database might have the desired piece of information. All the existing extraction systems are based on textual query therefore we cannot search the required results from any visual inputs. The limitation of any normal web application is that, they cannot keep track of dynamic data because of stateless protocol therefore our proposed system will prove to efficient because it supports web services and many stateful protocols .So our system will search the textual query [4],[5] along with keeping track of visual queries[9]. Due to web services when we are searching any data its references are also stored in sub servers so whenever we search the same query at second time it will return quickly through sub servers rather than contacting to main server.

Maind Neelam R., Sunita Nandgave

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