A Technique to Prevent Dynamic Unsafe Component Loadings | Abstract

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A Technique to Prevent Dynamic Unsafe Component Loadings


Dynamic loading of software components (e.g., libraries or modules) is a widely used mechanism for improved system modularity and flexibility. In general, an operating system or a runtime environment resolves the loading of a specifically named component by searching for its first occurrence in a sequence of directories determined at runtime. Correct component resolution is critical for reliable and secure software execution, however, programming mistakes may lead to unintended or even malicious components to be resolved and loaded. In particular, dynamic loading can be hijacked by placing an arbitrary file with the specified name in a directory searched before resolving the target component. Although this issue has been known for quite some time, it was not considered serious because exploiting it requires access to the local file system on the vulnerable host. Recently such vulnerabilities started to receive considerable attention as their remote exploitation became realistic; it is now important to detect and fix these vulnerabilities.

M.Malathi, Mrs.P.Sumathi, M.E., Dr.S.Chitra M.E., Ph.D

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