Advanced Vehicle System Based on Embedded Technology | Abstract

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Advanced Vehicle System Based on Embedded Technology


Presently the majority of the public having a vehicle, theft is happening on parking place and uncertainty places. The vehicle safety is fundamental for every person. Advanced Vehicle system based on embedded is used to install in vehicle, which track the place or location of the vehicle and locking the motor as well as monitor the fuel and distance of the front vehicle while driving. This system used to track the vehicle, fuel monitoring and announce the distance of the front vehicle. The places of the vehicle come to known by Global Positioning system and Global system mobile communication systems. These systems continuously study a moving Vehicle and report the condition. While the theft branded, the responsible person sending SMS to the controller unit, after that controller issue the needed control signals to bring to a halt the car motor and sending SMS to the authorized person and police station about status of the location of the vehicle. Authorized person want to send the password to controller to start again the vehicle and open the door. This is more secured; prevent the accident, consistent and low cost.

S.Valarmathy, R.Ramani, S.Selvaraju, G.Suresh Kumar

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