Advancements in Solar based LED Street light | Abstract

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Advancements in Solar based LED Street light


We are in the time where energy conservation & use of renewable resources has become a necessity. Thus requirement of methods which are not only highly efficient but also low in energy consumption has greatly increased to keep a check on pollution factor. Keeping this in mind this paper focuses on solar based LED street light that uses automatic intensity controller with a solar tracker. This type of LED street light not only adjust itself according to the varying darkness but also keeps a track on overcharging, deep discharging, automatic restoration of charging ,protecting the battery from the over/under voltage. It comprised of solar cell and electric energy stored from battery. The LED street lamp is lit at night automatically and changed into pulsed lighting in low power after the setting time and then turns off in daytime. Since only 20% of the total sun‟s energy falls on earth and also the trajectory of sun keeps changing thus a solar tracker is used so as to track maximum sun‟s energy.

Nupur Neha, Sangya gugri, Srishti mishra. Gulshan kr. dubey

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