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Analysis of the Combined Effects of Aeration and Agitation Rate on Dextransucrase production by Leuconostoc lactis KU665298 in a Laboratory Fermenter using Response Surface Methodology


Dextransucrase is a glucosyltransferase which synthesizes high molecular weight glucose polymer (dextran) from sucrose. Dextran has diverse applications in pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. The combined effects of the agitation and aeration rates on the production of dextransucrase in laboratory fermenter were systematically investigated with Leuconostoc lactis KU665298 by applying RSM. Dextransucrase production from L. lactis was found to improve after the scale up of production process from shake flask (3.6 U/mL) to fermenter level (5.27 U/mL) at an agitation of 200 rpm and aeration of 0.85 vvm. The volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (KLa) was used as the basis for the evaluation of aeration efficiencies. KLa value for most befitting fermentation condition aiding maximum dextransucrase production was 0.15 min-1. This is the first report in which RSM has been applied to design fermentation batches of different combinations of aeration and agitation rate in a laboratory fermenter to produce dextransucrase.

Nisha Devi, Abhinay Kumar Singh and Wamik Azmi

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