ARM Based Automatic Critical Health Care Service System Using Wireless Communication | Abstract

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ARM Based Automatic Critical Health Care Service System Using Wireless Communication


Information and communication technologies are transforming our social interactions, lifestyles, and workplaces. One of the most promising applications of information technology is healthcare and wellness management. Healthcare is moving from an approach based on the reactive responses to acute conditions to a proactive approach characterized by early detection, prevention, and long-term management of health conditions. The current trend places an emphasis on the monitoring of health conditions and the management of wellness as significant contributors to individual healthcare and wellbeing. This is particularly important in developed countries with a significant aging population, where information technology can significantly improve the management of chronic conditions and thereby improve quality of life. In particular, the continuous or even occasional recording of biomedical signals is critical for the advancement of diagnosis by using wireless wearable sensors. With advances in mobile communication, new opportunities have opened up for the development of healthcare systems that remotely monitor biomedical signals from patients. The availability of a new generation of mobile phones has had an important impact on the development of such healthcare systems, as they seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of networks (such as 3G, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, WCDMA and GSM), and thus enable the transmission of recorded biomedical signals to doctors or patients from a hospital, home, or office. A Smartphone presents a programmable monitoring platform for healthcare as people go about their daily lives. It is now possible to infer a range of behaviors on a phone in real-time, allowing users to receive feedback in response to everyday lifestyle choices that enables them to better manage their health.

Kiranmai.kota, N. Kiran kumar

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