Audio Alert for Safe Driving by Smartphones | Abstract

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Audio Alert for Safe Driving by Smartphones


As the world continues to enhance and strengthen its emergency services, mobile phones may be used to aid in safe driving practices and detection of emergencies. Drunk driving, without identification of danger zones, is a major cause of traffic accidents throughout the world. The entire solution requires only a mobile phone placed in vehicle along with accelerometer and GPS sensor. Once any evidence of drunk driving is present, the mobile phone will automatically alert the driver or call the police for help well before accident actually happens. The detection system on Android phone and have it tested with different kinds of driving behaviors. The results show that the system achieves high accuracy and energy efficiency. Safety systems for ground vehicles are deployed in different phases according to the timing of activation relative to the occurrence instant of an accident. Thus improved driver behaviour and accountability has resulted in the reduction of collisions. The purpose of this paper is to identify the danger zones and giving audio alert to driver (or) customer for reducing speed of vehicle. And also giving the directions from source to destination. This is very useful for driver and customer for identifying danger zones and direction, So it helps to prevent the accident and enhance the safety.

R.Ancy Ramya,ME, R.SwathiRamya,M.E., S.Krishnaveni,M.E

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