Automotive Network Diagnostics with Crash Data Retrieval System | Abstract

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Automotive Network Diagnostics with Crash Data Retrieval System


The project aims at designing a heavy vehicle crash data retrieval system known as Event Data Recorder (EDR) that also acts as in vehicle network fault analysis and diagnostic system. Like Black Box of airplane, Event Data Recorder (Vehicle Black Box) is used to record information related to accidents so that it can be used to analyze the accident by reconstructing what happened before and after an accident. The system can contribute to constructing safer vehicles, improving the treatment of crash victims, helping insurance companies with their vehicle crash investigations, and enhancing road status in order to decrease the death rate. Vehicle Black Box detects a crash automatically using MEMS inertial sensor, and also records the motion of the vehicle and driver’s actions during a predefined time period before and after the accident. It consists of data collection devices for collecting the information about vehicle status and the driver’s actions, a non-volatile memory device for recording, a microprocessor for controlling the unit and an in vehicle network to collect data from various sensors and actuators located within the vehicle. The vehicle black box (EDR) contains not only a record of what was happening in the last seconds before the impact but also the record after a collision. So the design principle is such that it takes the most recent data values and stores them in buffer with a circular sequence (RAM). When the black box senses the accident, buffer refreshing is suspended and the data before and after accident are transfer to the non volatile memory automatically.

VV.M. Ramaa Priyaa

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