Batch Verification Scheme for Economic Cloud Storage Services | Abstract

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Batch Verification Scheme for Economic Cloud Storage Services


Cloud computing is used to share resources and data sources under computational applications. Hardware, software and information are provided in cloud environment. Cloud computing consolidates thousands of virtual machines. Private and public data are managed under the cloud environment. Remote data storages are used to share data and services in the cloud environment. Data provider uploads the shared data into the data centers. Public auditing methods are used to verify the data integrity in remote data storages. Third-party auditor (TPA) is used to check the integrity of outsourced data. Privacy preserving public auditing mechanism is used to verify the data integrity with privacy. TPA supports auditing for multiple users simultaneously. Batch auditing mechanism is used for multi user environment. Homomorphic linear authenticator and random masking techniques are used to protect the data from TPA. The privacy preserving public auditing scheme is enhanced to perform data verification for multi user environment. Batch verification scheme is adopted to multi user data sharing environment. Data dynamism is integrated with public data auditability scheme. Economic cloud operations are supported by the system with public auditing methods.

K. Sudha, Mr. S. Sivaraj, ME

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