Bus ticket booking and alert system using UID | Abstract

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Bus ticket booking and alert system using UID


Passengers have to wait for a long time, at bus stops for the arrival of the bus, as they are unaware of the whereabouts of the bus. The alerts of the location of the bus are provided to them only at bus stops. Hence a lot of time gets wasted. The proposed system plans for an early warning system to the passengers, two or three hours before the time of boarding, through timely mobile alerts on the route and location of the bus, with the help of a GSM module . First the UID number of the passenger is requested at the time of booking, and his or her fingerprint pattern is stored in the database. The UID number also contains the details of the passengers, which are stored in the database. A GPS module is used for tracing the location of the bus in terms of latitudes and longitudes. The GSM kit sends alerts, to multiple passengers, at an interval of ten minutes each. Once a person boards the bus, his fingerprint is compared with that in the database, and if it matches, then the alerts provided to him are stopped. This ensures that no one else boards the bus, and hence is secure. This is a fully automated system, and requires no interaction with the driver.

Vishnoo Prashanth. R, Mohanagopal.R , Saravana Kumar.M

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