Can Interfaced With Arm to Maintain a Regular Surveillance of Wind Turbine | Abstract

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Can Interfaced With Arm to Maintain a Regular Surveillance of Wind Turbine


Wind energy is the most widely used natural resource for the production of electrical energy. Presently wind energy is used to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. During the transmission of data from one node to another, node disturbance occurs. To avoid these disturbances, to monitor and to detect the fault, CAN protocol is used. CAN is a Message based protocol designed especially for Automotive, later Aerospace, Industrial automation and Medical equipment’s. CAN interface module is used to communicate the monitored parameters between the wind turbine and the control centre. Earlier, the vibration analysis, vibration signals produced by the rotating components, temperature is sensed and turning on the cooling fan automatically, slow down the blade speed to overcome the damage in Wind Turbine’s whose current health conditions need to be diagnosed are commonly analyzed either by broad band based methods or spectral line analysis methods. In our paper we declare the system with ARM and CAN protocol to monitor and diagnose the problems in the wind turbine application. The project deals with the data transmission between two units in the exact time without any disturbance. The data transmission time is increased with the CAN protocol. ARM core1 runs with CAN and wind turbine unit to which sensors are connected and ARM core2 as Fault diagnose and monitoring section. Data acquisition node collects the sensor data through CAN protocol. The basic view of this technique is to reduce the fault occurrence and increase the monitoring of wind turbine.

B.Priyadarshini, K.Mohnraj, T.RajaManikandan, M.Pratheepa

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