Controller Area Network in Modern Home Automation | Abstract

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Controller Area Network in Modern Home Automation


The word automation brings to mind devices that operate with minimal human intervention. In other words, acting or operating in a manner essentially independent of external influence or control. It finds application in controlling industrial equipments, home appliances, computer peripherals and robots. The controller area network (CAN) protocol was originally developed to use in the automotive industry, but it was recently discovered that it is suited for a broader class of applications in various automated environments. It incorporates a slight modification to the basic CSMA/CD protocol and was initially developed to be used in the automotive industry in order to solve the cabling problems found on some kinds of vehicles. However, due to its versatility, CAN can also be adopted as a control network for industrial applications. CAN is a two-wire, half duplex, high-speed network system and is well suited for high-speed applications using short messages. A CPU is needed to manage the CAN protocol. The PIC18F458 Microcontroller is used as the CPU that can manage bus arbitration, assigning priority for the message, message addressing and identification. In general, Microcontroller is a programmable device also known as the microprocessor with peripherals in one component. The architecture of PIC18F458 is dedicated to CAN network applications. With the help of the Microcontroller we can control range of functions

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