Data Leakage Detection and E-mail Filtering | Abstract

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Data Leakage Detection and E-mail Filtering


While doing business sometimes it is necessary to hand over company’s or organisations sensitive data to supposedly trusted third parties (Agents).If this distributed data is found in an unauthorized place, it is quite possible that the distributed data has been leaked by one or more agents. Data can be leaked through e-mails, instant messaging, databases, spreadsheets and without knowledge of the distributor (owner of data). We proposed the system to find the guilty agent (agent who has leaked data). This project proposes data allocation strategies and adding “realistic but fake records” that improve the probability of identifying leakages. The goal is to detect when the distributor's sensitive data have been leaked by agents, to identify the agent that leaked the data and possibly to filter the e-mails in order to make distributors data secure.

Mr. Zarif Shaukat Ansari , Ms. Anagha Mahadeo Jagtap , Ms. Shilpa Suresh Raut

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