Delay Based Scheduling For Cognitive Radio Networks | Abstract

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Delay Based Scheduling For Cognitive Radio Networks


Spectrum is generally allocated by the government for wireless networks that allotted frequencies are utilized by licensed user called primary user. Some of the frequencies are underutilized by licensed users; cognitive radio is the emerging technology to access the underutilized frequencies in available spectrum band without causing any performance degradation to the licensed users. During the switching to different frequency bands in cognitive radio networks the users experiences a delay. The proposed system addresses this delay as a scheduling problem. A scheduling problem is formulated that takes into account different delays experienced by the secondary users (SUs) in a centralized cognitive radio network (CRN) while switching to new frequency. A polynomial-time suboptimal algorithm is proposed to address the scheduling problem. Performance evaluation is done by varying switching delay, number of frequencies, and number of SUs.

A.R.Devi R.Arun kumar S.Kannagi

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