Design and Development of Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) | Abstract

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Design and Development of Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicle (PHV)


Many hybrid technologies are arriving which intend in reducing the fuel usagethere by increasing the fuel economy and also reduced exhaust emission. The majorhybrid now in market is being electrical. We build a pneumatic hybrid vehicle inwhich the vehicle is being powered up by an internal combustion engine and an airengine; output is being taken up as desired. The air hybrid engine absorbs a part of vehicle’s kinetic energy, stores it in an air tank in the form of compressed air, andreuses it to propel a vehicle during cruising and acceleration. Capturing, storing andreusing the energy to give additional power can therefore improve fuel economy,particularly in cities and urban areas where the traffic conditions involve many stopsand starts. Though some of the renewable energy sources like solar energy, bio fuelsare currently in practice, we are focused on pneumatic technology, since pneumaticapplications are wide all over the world, basic components and other equipment areeasily available and the fabrication is not so tough. Thus, the pollution and fuelconsumption of the internal combustion engine vehicles can be minimized by the useof the pneumatic hybrid vehicles.

Franco Antony, P J Albert, Rimin P R, Rino Disney,Sooraj M S , Sreevalsan S Menon

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