Design and Implementation Wireless Sensor Network | Abstract

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Design and Implementation Wireless Sensor Network


most oil pumping units (OPUs) have been using manual control in the oilfield. In this paper, network based automatic control is proposed for OPU management. This proposed network can sequentially realize automatic data sensing, automatic malfunction detection, remote data transmission, intelligent data organization and management, automatic malfunction warning, automatic stroke adjustment and state report via GSM short message service (SMS). Specifically, the proposed network based automatic control system contains four parts: 1) the first level sensors (FLS) for data sensing; 2)the developed intelligent sensors (ISs), which are the second level sensors, for data storage and elementary processing;3) a communication protocol for data transmission; and 4)a software-based network center for data processing, data management, malfunction detection, remote stroke adjustment, GSM SMS and so on. In this paper, we focus on describing the IS design and reporting the elementary experiment results of the proposed system at the oil well.

Mr. Nawale S.J., Prof. Mrs. Joshi S.G.

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