Dijkstra┬ĺs Shortest Path Algorithm for Road Network | Abstract

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Dijkstraĺs Shortest Path Algorithm for Road Network


Shortest Path problems are inevitable in road network applications such as city emergency handling and drive guiding system. Basic concepts of network analysis in connection with traffic issues are explored. The traffic condition among a city changes from time to time and there are usually huge amounts of requests occur, it needs to find the solution quickly. The above problems can be rectified through shortest paths by using the Dijkstra’s Algorithm. The main objective is the low cost of the implementation. The shortest path problem is to find a path between two vertices (nodes) on a given graph, such that the sum of the weights on its constituent edges is minimized. This problem has been intensively investigated over years, due to its extensive applications in graph theory, artificial intelligence, computer network and the design of transportation systems. The classic Dijkstra’s algorithm was designed to solve the singlesource shortest path problem for a static graph. It works starting from the source node and calculating the shortest path on the whole network. Noting that an upper bound of the distance between two nodes can be evaluated in advance on the given transportation network. In order to solve the problem, we have been implemented shortest path for road network by using Applets in a programing language java. Software required for this application is jdk1.7.0_01.

K.Rohila, P.Gouthami, Priya M

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