Dynamic Annotation by Web Database Search Results | Abstract

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Dynamic Annotation by Web Database Search Results


The Internet provides a great extent of beneficial knowledge which is usually formatted for its users, which makes it troublesome to extract relevant data from diverse sources. The World Wide Web plays an major role as all kinds of information repository and has been very success full in disseminating information to users. For the encoded data units to be machine process able, which is essential for many applications such as deep web data collection and internet comparison shopping, they need to be extracted out and allot meaningful labels. Search result presents an automatic annotation approach that first aligns the data units on a result page into different groups such that the data in the same group have the same semantic. Then for each group annotate it from different aspects and aggregate the different annotations to predict a final annotation label for it. An annotation wrapper for the search site is automatically constructed and can be used to annotate new results from the same wed database. Proposed system is to make the system dynamic by outlier detection technique.

Bincy S Kalloor, Sheeja Agustin

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