Dynamic Task Allocation for Mobile Robots | Abstract

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Dynamic Task Allocation for Mobile Robots


Multi robotic missions requires extensive efforts by human programmer to program each robotic vehicle according to the changing situations.Un manned vehicles are mostly programmed at vehicle level that is, each vehicle is programmed individually before deploying them. This paper proposes an approach to program un-manned robotic vehicles at unit level and use them for a surveillance application. A variation of popular Contract Net protocol is used. As soon as a task is injected by the user, the master controller broadcasts the tasks to all robots, on receiving the task notification, each robot forms a bid containing its present parameters like position, battery voltage level etc and sends it to the master controller, the master controller extracts the parameters from the bids, apply an optimization function and would award the task to any of the robots.

P.V.Aswin , D.Prasanna Vadana

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