Education-As-A-Service | Abstract

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The education system is same but the gaining educational knowledge of students are fully based only on the faculties stuff. So, the variation exists between students knowledge in urban and rural area. To overcome this problem, we propose the solution called ‘EDUCATION-AS-A-SERVICE‘which can be used in upcoming years because there will be no institutions beyond traditional classrooms. Based on cloud computing, the educational content can be delivering to people at their doorsteps through the EDUCATION-AS-A-SERVICE. It also makes possible the implementation of a Universal curriculum across the nation; enabling students across India acquire the same experience in education. EDUCATION-AS-A-SERVICE empowers the students to learn on their own terms at their own place, wherever and whenever they want it. By using EDUCATION-AS-A-SERVICE learning process is not just limited to textbooks and enhanced through group learning.

Kalaiprasath.R, R. Udayakumar* , R. Elankavi

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