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Effect of Fe (III) on M-Dichlorobenzene Removal by Brevibacillus agri Dh-1


In this work, a strain, Brevibacillus agri DH-1, isolated from the soil of eastern coastal china was used to remove m-dichlorobenzene. Impact of Fe (III) on m-dichlorobenzene removal in a biotrickling filter is studied. After 48 h culturing, the optimal concentrations of Fe (III) is obtained according to microorganism growth and m-dichlorobenzene separation in a biotrickling filter. The predicted optimal concentration of Fe (III) is 4 mg/L. The fitting of Haldane-Andrews model for growth kinetics are still suitable in the optimum concentration of Fe (III), and the values of μmax, Ksi and KI were estimated at 0.07 h-1, 46.21 mg.L−1 and 155.49 mg.L−1, respectively. Degradation kinetic was also fitted well by the pseudo first-order, but the reduction of ln(c) becomes faster with incubation time due to the effect of Fe (III). In addition, the chloride ion concentration and C12O enzyme activity was measured, and it showed that Fe (III) could considerably improve the efficiency of antichloration and ring opening.

Bairen Yang, Yue Li, Zhuqiu Sun, Cheng Ding, Zhaoxia Li, Qi Xu and Liping Wang

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