Efficient Cloud Storage Management Using DHT Mechanism | Abstract

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Efficient Cloud Storage Management Using DHT Mechanism


Cloud computing enables a wide range of users to access distributed over the Internet. During the centralized cloud management to satisfy user needs and data backup becomes a critical concern. The proposed method solves this issue by focuses on the following factors, user provisioning cost, security, load balancing and redundancy .To carry out this process perform local and global de-duplication process, chunking of data, hash function, load balancing. An intelligent data chunking and Hash functions is performed to chunks of data. Load balancing function is used to balance the load while storing the files into the resources of cloud. Propose a fully distributed scheme which works in a constant number of rounds and achieves optimal balance with high probability. The optimal centralized algorithm is used for generating the migrations in cloud storage. Perform experiments to demonstrate that proposed scheme can significantly higher efficiency over the state-of-the-art methods.

D.K.Karthika, G.Sudhakar, D.Sugumar

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