Efficient Hashing Algorithm for Midsquare | Abstract

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Efficient Hashing Algorithm for Midsquare


Hashing function is the One of the most frequent way for finding the nearest match in the large data sets. From the last decades number of researcher has been work on the hashing and focusing on the better approach than the existing one with respective their performance. In this paper presents a survey on different type of hash functions, different type of hashing method, hashing strategies and structural weakness of them or the limitation of them that in which kind of problem they are suitable and what they can’t be used., also we are investigating the alternative approach for the mid- square hashing approach. The necessary data structures and algorithms are described, the expected performance is analyzed mathematically, and actual execution times are obtained and compared with alternative techniques. It shows that it provides the faster response time. Finally our method is intuitive and easy to implement.

Nitisha Rajgure, Dr Vilas Thakare

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