Fatigue Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridge | Abstract

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Fatigue Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridge


The increased traffic demand, material ageing, cracking of bridge components, physical damages incurred by concrete, corrosion of reinforcement and inadequate maintenance of bridges necessitate the assessment of bridges periodically for their performances. The accuracy of analytical assessment of bridges depends on the ability of the tool to simulate the problem. The nonlinear analysis is one such tool to simulate the exact material behaviour, to evaluate strength in inelastic range. An attempt has been made to perform nonlinear finite element analysis to analyse the component of a selected road bridge. The aim of this dissertation is to study the fatigue life evaluation of reinforced Concrete Highway Bridge. Nonlinear analysis of the structural element using ANSYS is carried out. RCC T-beam Bridge has been chosen for detailed 3D nonlinear analysis. Fatigue evaluation of proposed bridge is also done using SAP-2000. Fatigue life evaluation approaches using S-N curves are also presented.

Habeeba A, Sabeena MV, Anjusha R

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