Fingerprint Privacy Preservation by Minutiae and Orientation | Abstract

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Fingerprint Privacy Preservation by Minutiae and Orientation


Protecting the privacy of the Fingerprint is an important one, here a novel system propose protecting fingerprint by combining two different fingerprints. It will create a new identity. In the enrollment stage, fingerprints will be captured from two different fingers. Minutiae positions are extracted from one fingerprint. The orientation, (it indicates the flow of ridges and valleys) from other fingerprint, and the reference points are calculated from both the two fingerprints. Extracted combined minutiae templates are stored into database. In the authentication, two query fingerprints are needed which are all used in enrollment. For matching purpose Two-stage fingerprint matching process is used. Even when the database is stolen, the complete feature of single fingerprint will not be used for authentication, because the combined minutiae template is stored. Single fingerprint is not sufficient for the authentication. Attackers can’t easily identify such a new identity. By using the fingerprint reconstruction algorithm, real-look alike combined fingerprint are generated.

Bercelin Rose Mary.W, Subbulakshmi.N, Bala Kumari.P

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