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Floating Tablets of Glipizide using Eurayle Ferox seeds for the treatement of Diabetis Mellitus


Floating drug delivery systems will be in the stomach for a long time and helps in improving the oral controlled delivery of drugs that have an absorption in the particular region of the GI tract as well as for controlling the release of the drug having site-specific absorption limitation. Glipizide is an oral hypoglycemic agent, which is used as drug for the treatment of patients with type II Diabetes mellitus. It has bioavailability of 83%. It is mostly absorbed from stomach & hydrolysed in liver. With half-life of 3.4 to 0. 7 hours requiring it to be administered in doses of 2.5 to 10 mg per day. Therefore Glipizide is considered a suitable candidate for the design of floating drug delivery system with a view to improve its oral bioavailability. In the present work, an attempt was made to prepare Non effervescent floating tablet of Glipizide using Eurayle Ferox seed powder and HPMC K15M as polymers by Direct compression method . All the prepared formulations were evaluated for all the un official tests such as hardness, friability, uniformity of weight, drug content uniformity, drug-polymer interaction, In vitro floating studies, In vitro drug release, swelling index and short term stability studies. IR spectroscopic studies prove that there was no interaction between drug, polymer and other co-excipients. Results show that as the amount of Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose increased, total floating time also increased. This may be accounted to increased gel strength of the matrices. With subsequent hydration and swelling of the polymers a floating mass is produced. Continuous erosion of the surface allows penetration of water to the inner layers, maintaining surface hydration and buoyancy. The polymer used affected the floating lag time of the formulations. The In vitro dissolution profiles of all the formulations of Glipizide were controlled over a period of 22 hours. Release of Glipizide from the formulations was found to follow zero order kinetics. The drug release data showed a good fit to Higuchi model indicating that diffusion is the predominant mechanism controlling the drug release. The value of diffusional exponent ‘n’ for the Korsmeyer equation suggested that the drug release was by - fickian diffusion mechanism [1-4].

Sasidhar R

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